A Beautiful Mess

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Encourages us to set aside our limited expectations, and to fall in line with God's We like plans, strategies, caution-but God's chaotic order is far bigger than our expectations. 'My experience of life with God is messy,' says Danielle Strickland. 'It's a mix of failure and success, courage and fear, faith and doubt. Since God invaded my life, my whole world has been a beautiful mess. I've been re-created by a designer who loves to recycle. 'My life has taken a new shape. It's characterised by light and love. It's a celebration. Even if it looks a little out of control, it belongs to a loving God who has a beautiful plan. 'This book is an invitation. You are invited to journey into God's creative plan to make a beautiful mess of your life and your plans. Like a master artist, He is ready to take the colours of your current life and craft them into a beauty that is beyond our comprehension.'

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